Lobster Bakes

Maine Lobster Bakes


Lobster Bakes & Clam Bakes in Maine

Mainers hold certain things dear to our heart. LL Bean, whoopie pies and snow sports are all high on the list, but Maine Lobster is our number 1. If you’ve tried lobster anywhere else, then you know that no one does it quite like Mainers. The soft shell and sweet, fresh meat cannot be trumped! Our Lobster Bakes (also called Clam Bakes by our friends from away) are sure to make your party, event or function a memorable one.

Lobster Bake Caterering Menu

$ Market Price

Lobster Bake includes:

Maine Lobster
Cole Slaw or Baked Potato (Choose One)
Corn on the Cob
Dessert (Choose One): Strawberry Shortcake, Whoopie Pies or Assorted Pastries